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Personal Education Funding

As college costs continue to rise faster than inflation, saving for educational expenses is increasingly important. Frost can help you reach your savings goals through a variety of products and our extensive expertise. We’d be happy to help you create a plan that is achievable and will meet your goals.

Coverdell Accounts

Can be used to fund any education expense — not just college.

  • contributions are limited to $2,000 annually
  • must be used by the time the beneficiary is 30 years old
  • no annual restrictions on changing investment allocation
Coverdell Account details

529 Plans

‚ÄčAn educational savings plan administered at the state level.

  • must be used for college expenses, including room & board
  • no annual contribution limit*
  • no beneficiary age restrictions
529 Plan details

Custodial Accounts (UGMA/UTMA)

Similar to a Trust, a tax-preferred way to transfer assets to a child.

  • assets are owned by the child, not the custodian
  • assets are taxed at the child’s rate (over certain thresholds, it's taxable at parents’ rate)
  • does not have to be used for educational purposes
Custodial Account details